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8th February 2010

10:38pm: I just spent $111.54 on flowers. Fuck Valentine's day for its inflated flower prices, damn. Don't let anyone tell you I don't love my bitches*.

*my bitches being Michelle and my mom. Michelle just needing to smile, hence flowers, and my mom and Richard's anniversary being on V-day.

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29th January 2010

12:29pm: Nao, the middle of the day-- literally the middle of the day-- is totally not an acceptable time to take a shower in a one-bathroom-three-person house full of students. In terms of doing stupid inconsiderate shit, you are no match for Yuki, but. I mean. Come on. YOUR SHOWERS TAKE 40 MINUTES. I have class at 1 PM. Am I just supposed to brush my teeth with tea tree oil in my room (NO THANKS) and piss in the library bathroom? Did you fucking just wake up? Damn you better expedite that shower, for real, because if you make this one of those standard 40 minute showers, dear sweet holy shit I will break you.

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3rd July 2006

11:14pm: You know what to do.

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